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A More User-Friendly and Dynamic View in Blogger

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(Last edited on JAN 8, 2014)

As you can see now, I no longer use the dynamic view in Blogger. For a more detailed reason, refer to my newer post.

The dynamic view template in Blogger can already switch its modes according to the users’ needs. The containers in “flipcard” and “mosaic” views can be enlarged by a click on them. However, the default “sidebar” view still has its supporters, despite its inadequacies.1

Last Saturday, I changed the template from a dark one to a dynamic one withe sidebar. However, when I’d like to scroll down to my earlier essays, I found out that I need to go through some passages in between my current position and my target in the scrollbar. This is quite troublesome since a considerable amount of time is needed to load the contents of a blog entry.

Luckily, I could find out how Yoga changed his code in “Add CSS” in his template so as to get the sidebar on the left scrollable. I just copy the code from him for your reference.

.sidebar #sidebar, .ss{
  margin-top: 12px !important;
  overflow-y: scroll !important;

Note: Later, I found out that without the scrollbar, the sidebar is still scrollable.