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Stop Using Mic**soft Word!

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I’ve found a great post in Charlie’s Diary showing reasons that “Why M$ W**d must Die”. So I’m going to provide a link to a passage on Coding 2 Learn that explains why M$ W**d is still dominant these days. The whole passage is long, but is worth spending time to read. The relevant section of the passage is Schools. From Cambridge’s $\rm \LaTeX$ Advocacy page, we can find Taylor’s article titled What has WYSIWYG done to us?. I embed an iframe for your reference.

The HTML code for embedding the PDF document in an <iframe> is simple.

<iframe height="1125px"

However, suppose you have several A4 size PDF documents to upload, and you want to use the same size for the iframes. Then you’ll seek a better solution using the concept of class in CSS.