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Posting Code to Gist Efficiently

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Gist enables computer users to post their source code online. Since Gist is a GitHub repository, they can view each change to the code.

However, it is inconvenient to use the online editor in the homepage of Gist, especially for geeks. For example, Chen believes that it’s not good to manually type or paste the code onto Gist. I directly quote his words here.

但是阿,如果你是手動把 code 弄到 gist 上面,那這樣就太遜了,基本上各大編輯器都有跟 gist 互動的 plugin,如果你用 Vim,可以使用 gist-vim,可以讓你直接在 Vim 裡生成、編輯、讀取 gist,完成後還可以幫你把連結開起來。

This can be explained in this way: it’s unproductive to use a mouse for text editing. A relevant question on Stack Overflow was answered by many users. Mark Rushakoff finds Vim’s keyboard commands “almost priceless” since your fingers don’t have to leave the keyboard and grab the mouse. Jeremy Smyth describes this as the “biggest gain” of using Vim or Emacs.

As suggested by Aknow::Work’s words above, we can use Gist.vim so that we can make use of the advantages of Vim while writing code, and post the code onto Gist quickly.

Except the official README.mkd, there’s a tutorial on ServerWatch for Gist.vim newbies. This article shortens the time needed to find the useful command Gist -l.

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