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Testing WordPress' Footnotes

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Note: This post won’t make sense here. Refer to the original post.

I tried to embed footnotes using UltraBlog. Maybe I’ve done too much things. Let me list them here.

  1. On the dashboard, go to “Settings”, “Writing” and check the box for using Markdown.
  2. Try using UltraBlog.vim to write some footnotes by editing an existing post found by :UBList.
  3. Send the finished post to and view the results, and find out that it fails.

It involves several technologies. UltraBlog. Therefore, it’s unrealistic to rely on Google search engine to get the answer.

In order to quickly find out the cause of such error, I used the online editor to create a minimum working example of a post containing a footnote. Then I used UltraBlog to download that post. In gVim, I could see that the filetype is html, instead of markdown. I tried to change it to markdown and update the draft. However, the string ^1 enclosed in middle brackets wasn’t interpreted. When I switch the filetype back to html, then things just work again. Just like the text below. I copied them from the official pandoc markdown syntax guide.

Here is a footnote reference,1 and another.2

As I can see from the above block quote, the string ^longnote inside a pair of middle brackets will be changed to numbers. In order to let you see it, I post a screenshot of my gVim here.

Note: Remember to :se ft=html before :UBSend

Posted via UltraBlog.vim.

  1. Here is the footnote. 

  2. Here’s one with multiple blocks.