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Creating a New Octopress Page

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I haven’t learnt something about Octopress for 2 weeks. I hope that I can create a GitHub project page using Octopress successfully.

I have seen a comment for a blog post which briefly describes the procedures for making gh-pages. The user who has left the comment claims that the posts, which should be under the source/_posts directory1, is in the source branch of Octopress Git repository. I’m going to figure it out. No matter it’s true or not, it’s something that puzzles some Octopress users.

Creating an ABOUT page

I couldn’t find the answer for adding new items to the navigation bar at the top of the posts and under the header in an Octopress blog because I didn’t know the Google search words. This afternoon, I found that googling “octopress page navigation” help. I managed to find a blog post on that.2