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A Low-Tech Approach to a High-Tech Problem

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Nowadays, people, especially netizens, love sitting in front of a computer to do their work. To those people, we can’t deny the importance of computers and the Internet since they help us a lot in gathering information. Moreover, a printed copy is often more neat and tidier a handwritten one. It seems that working means sitting in front of a computer or a laptop.

In my opinion, though having low-tech tools, one can still make good progress in his/her work, including, but not limiting to, software development work. Not working in the IT sector1, I know that I’ve little convincing power, so I leave it to de Heredia.2 The article says that the author prefers going out and working on the problem using a pen and paper. Therefore, using traditional tools, we can still create something great.

After reading the article on ViEmu, I decided to write an outline and draft an essay using a pen and paper.

P.S. I has typed this article in Vim without doing any ruff work on paper.

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