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Evince Viewing Error

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The Gist for the $\rm \LaTeX$ source code of the TikZ diagram

This afternoon, while I was using TikZ to fill a triangle with line pattern, I found that the filling pattern flowed out of the triangle. Using the clip command doesn’t help. Initially, I thought it was the problem of TikZ. As a result, I tried searching “tikz fill pattern triagnle”, and didn’t read anything useful. Finally, I found a question on $\rm \LaTeX$ Stack Exchange, and realized that it was a problem of the PDF viewer, instead of my use of the markup language for graphics. I tried using Mozilla’s pdf.js to open the file, but the grids weren’t being rendered properly either.

Luckily, if I use pdf2svg to convert the PDF file to an SVG file, the SVG file doesn’t have such problem.

  1. The results are the same in Firefox on M$ Windows and GNU/Linux.