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Fixing This Repo's Network Graph

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Tonight, I worked on my blog. Here’re something done.

  1. Fixed a dead link in Using Octopress on Another Device in Blog 1.
  2. Fixed url in _config.yml: it should be in lower case.1
  3. Understand item 5 of Scott Cheng’s post on setting up Octopress.2 In May, I didn’t understand it.3 I’ve tested it in order to understand what it really means. After running rake setup_github_pages, _deploy folder has only local master branch, and no remote branch. Therefore, it’s impossible to remote the only branch there. To avoid conflicts when I push my commits on master branch to my remote repository in GitHub, I ran some commands as shown below.
  4. Fixed the network graph of the GitHub repository for Blog 1.
    • Original graph: Due to my poor knowledge on Git, master branch shares, as shown in the graph, a common node with source branch. This is wrong!
    • Deleted locally origin/master branch and master branch in the remote repository to clear the mess.
    • In the new graph, those two branches don’t share a common node anymore.
[owner@localhost ~/octopress/_deploy]$ git branch -rd origin/master
Deleted remote branch origin/master (was e745caf).
[owner@localhost ~/octopress/_deploy]$ git branch -a
* master
[owner@localhost ~/octopress/_deploy]$ git push origin --delete master
 - [deleted]         master

  1. See commit 49f9d1b for details. 

  2. This Markdown source code of the post can be found in GitHub. 

  3. See the post in item 1 for details.