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Recent Vundle Plugin Update

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I use Vundle for managing my Vim plugins.1


I typed :PluginUpdate in Vim as usual for keeping all of the plugins up-to-date, and the system prompted me to supply my user name and password for GitHub.2 Initially, I refused to do so. Then Vundle skipped the first plugin and proceeded to another one. I was prompted again for the user name, and my response was still the same. This repeated for several times, and finally nothing was updated.

I quitted Vim and re-opened it again, and issued the same editor command for updating the plugins, and ran into the same trouble.


Since I didn’t have much time, I finally input correctly the required account information in order to get the plugins updated. Luckily, this was needed for once only, instead of once for each plugin.

Lessons learnt

Never use vim-surround for code blocks

Vim-surround changes some whitespaces to tabs, which Google doesn’t recommend for indentation.3

Setting the font of a code block

Specifying the font-family of a <pre> tag is useless—change pre to code instead.

  1. For example, you may refer to the screenshot in a comment for my post Clang Complete on Ubuntu 14.04 on Blog 1

  2. The Vim screen that I actually saw

  3. Refer to the “General Formatting Rules” in Google HTML/CSS Style Guide Revision 2.23.