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Git Merge Failed?

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Octopress has recently removed Rubypants, so the automatic smartquotes aren’t supported any more. However, after typing git pull octopress master on the source branch of the local working directory for this blog, git simply said that it’s “already up-to-date”. I compared the stored trees for plugins/ by using git show HEAD:plugins on the source and octopress/master branches. If the former has the commits of the later, then plugins/rubypants.rb shouldn’t be found on the former. I issued the command git merge octopress/master again, and the version control system still said that there’s no unmerged commits from the octopress/master branch.1


By using git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline --graph and git merge-base octopress/master HEAD, I can quickly browse through the commits. Finally, I identified the reason for this failed merge: I reverted the first merge of those two branches three months ago. I belive that I can revert this reversion to achieve my desired merge.

  1. Since Octopress 3 is currently in development, I still use the original version.