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Fixed Jekyll-Bootstrap Asset Path

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As I’ve said in Jekyll Blog Page Build Warning, GitHub Pages have upgraded to 3.0.


The Twitter theme for every post in Blog 2 was gone, but the home page and the archive page still looked good.

I viewed Jekyll-Bootstrap’s issue list. The “{{ ASSET_PATH }}” in the title of issue #295 caught my eyes. Feeling that changing _config.yml is too troublesome and prone to error, I clicked some links for related web pages, such as a relevant page in Jekyll’s documentation, but I didn’t know what to do.


It turns out that this issue is the same as issue #290. The status of this issue is closed because some ways of fixing the problem have been shared. Since qh’s fix has received positive comments, I adopt his approach.

Before learning more Git commands this summer, I would change this manually. However, fearing that I would make a typo, I seek an automatic way to apply the changes in _includes/JB/setup.

I searched “git apply patch” on Google, and reached this Stack Overflow question eventually. The command

$ curl > /tmp/47.patch

gave me a file (without EOF) in /tmp.

<html><body>You are being <a href="">redirected</a>.</body></html>

I then tried using git apply.

[owner@localhost ~/blog2]$ git apply --stat /tmp/47.patch
fatal: unrecognized input

Even though I added the --stat option, the bash still said that it’s fatal. I tried googling “git apply fatal”, but I couldn’t see anything useful. The third answer to this Stack Overflow question cleared my doubts: by comparing the date of the answers, one knows that should be used instead.

Since the reputation of the owner of the second answer is higher, not having enough time to check their differences, I used git am instead of git apply --check. Finally, everything went smooth and the git push was successful. Originally, I intended to leave a short Git comment message with a few helpful links. However, everything went so good that I didn’t have the chance to do that in the Git repository for Blog 2. Therefore, I recorded my thoughts here.