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Git for Windows, Curl, Gist.vim With Vundle (5)

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In the third post of this series, I ran the editor command

:!git config --list

inside GVim Portable, but I got a fatal error. I found out how to get Gist.vim work without solving this problem.


How to avoid this fatal error?

C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c (git config --global --list)
fatal: unable to read config file 'C:\Temp\PortableApps\gVimPortable\Data\settin
gs/.gitconfig': No such file or directory
shell returned 128
Hit any key to close this window...


I forgot this article about programming that I’d read several weeks ago. I should have pay more attention of the error message itself, rather than the Google search results of this message. Hence, creating a symbolic link for C:\Users\foo\.gitignore to the path/to/Data/settings folder.


While writing this post, I re-read Rake Aborted Due to a Vim Swap File so as to find the URL of the article about programming. I discovered a broken link in the GitHub page for Octopress issue #600. From the list of branches in the homepage for this GitHub project, I found site-2.1, on which commit 2399008 was located. Therefore, I made commit 68b0adb in the repository for this blog.