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Why Vim?

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Searching something like “vim best editor”, “vim vs IDE” Google, you can find too many results, and it’s impossible to finish reading all those articles. Therefore, I selected some and post the link here.


The video below is a talk given by Bram Moolenaar, creator of Vim. The handout for this talk is found on his website. However, he assumed that the audience had some basic knowledge on movements in Vim. For Chinese users, the slides below may help you. Otherwise, please go down to the list below.

Vim Hacks from Yo-An Lin.

  1. Quick jumping of text: e.g. 5w,2(.
  2. Text objects: e.g. da<,ci",di{.
  3. Vim Macro: e.g. 5@a,2(.
  4. Folds: see structures and move quickly.


With many keyboard shortcuts, Vim enables you to move quickly between words, sentences and paragraphs, and thus focus on writing.

See Randall Wood’s Why Vim for Writers.

Vim Advocacy

  1. Why, oh WHY, do those #?@! nutheads use vi? by Jon Beltran de Heredia on ViEmu.
  2. Vi Lovers

Vim Game

Vim E-Book