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Using Vim Keystrokes in Web Browser

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Vim fans will be delighted and amazed for knowing this the first time: Vimperator is the plugin for Vim-like behaviour on Firefox. It’s the original one and it focuses on usability. Following the hints with f is great! Here’re some useful keystrokes:

  • To open a link in a new tab, type F and follow the hints
  • To move the [num]-th tab, type [num]gt (applicable to Vim also)
  • To go to another page, type o
  • To go to another page with similar URL, type O
  • To open another tab, type t
  • To open another tab with similar URL, type T
  • To open another window, type w
  • To open another window with similar URL, type W
  • To copy the URL of the current page (including “#*”), type y
  • To copy the URL of the targeted link, type ;y
  • To copy the current selection, type Y
  • To copy the labeling text of a link, type ;Y
  • To disable Vimperator for one instance, type i
  • To toogle Vimperator, type <S-Esc>
  • To move the last edited text field, type gi
  • To open Vim for editing input in a textfield/textarea, type <C-i> in insert mode
  • To exit the insert mode of a textfield/textarea, the key is the same as the one you use for Vim.
  • To enter the insert mode of a textfield/textarea from the normal mode, either follow the suitable hint or use c to re-enter there (may fail and enter into the caret mode).
  • To search the history, type :hist [anything]
  • In a pop-up browsing history list, press <CR> and ;o to follow a hint. You can type more to filter the suitable one. Typing a capital ‘O’ instead of a small letter ‘o’ gives you :open [wanted_link]
  • To view the previous browsed page, type H.
  • To view the next browsed page, type L.
  • To go to the home page, type gh.
  • To view the home page in a new tab, type gh.
  • To close the current tab, type d.
  • To open the sidebar, type :sbar [arg].
  • To close the sidebar, type :sbclose.

More keystrokes from Daqing Chu’s WordPress blog, and a cheat sheetcreated by Shiar.

Another useful plugin

Google/Yandex search link fix enables true copying of the link’s URL in Google’s search results.