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Giving Up Testing MathJax and Anchors on Blogger

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In dynamic view, though the code for dynamic loading of MathJax contents has been pasted into the HTML code for the template, things just work in a strange way: in the class mode, MathJax works the best; in other modes, it may not work or it works partially. For example, in a mode, the dollar sign in the code tag is interpreted, and the script file for MathJax is loaded. But when you click a blog entry for a popup frame containing some MathJax code, then it simply won’t load. Nonetheless, anchors don’t work in a desired way in the dynamic view—after clicking an anchor, I am immediately directed to the destination, which is covered by the header. Finally, to ensure that the contents are correctly interpreted, the best way is to use the tex2jax_ignore class.1 Anyways, if readers are also writers of HTML, $\rm \LaTeX$, etc, they’ll know what I intend to write by testing the HTML code, and for the remaining readers, I just apologize for the inconvenience caused and suggest them to right click the article in the default “Sidebar” view and press <F5> to reload for the correctly rendered contents. I’ve forgotten about anchors since toggling between the “Compose” and “HTML” modes while writing a new post will cause some strange change in the <href> attribute of the <a> tag.