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Cross-Platform Blog Editing With UltraBlog and WordPress

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I suspect that after I write the blog with UltraBlog in Vim and editing the contents with the online editor, the changes done using the online editor will be lost. (Typed with UltraBlog.vim in Vim.)

Let’s see how it works. (Typed on

When I reopened the same post in Vim, I realised that the second paragraph is gone! I was disappointed for a while, and googled “ultrablog update database”. However, there are too few websites about UltraBlog.vim. Its ineffective to use Google to solve this problem.


From the above figure, it seems that there’s 544 search results that contain the entire string “posted via ultrablog.vim”.


However, I go to the third page and find out that hundreds of search results have been omitted.

The above two screenshots show that the number of users of UltraBlog.vim is not as many as other free softwares, libraries or plugins. One may need to wait for the adoption of this plugin by more Vim users before being able to find a forum post on problems using this plugin, provided that he/she doesn’t start a new thread on the plugin.

Although there’s only a few UltraBlog.vim users, it’s still an incredibly excellent blogging plugin.

How can I solve my doubts about updating the local database with the remote one?

When Google doesn’t work, then it’s sensible for one to go for the official documentation. Geeks will find it informative, but I, as a mediocre GNU/Linux user, often find it hard to retrieve information from manuals.

For example, I searched UltraBlog’s official documentation for “sync”, but failed. Luckily, in the help for the command :UBList (in UltraBlog.txt), I’ve found something useful:

:UBList post remote 50

This command lists the latest 50 posts in the blog.

Pressing the ENTER key in a remote post list will open the post under
cursor and save it to the local database if it is not in it, otherwise,
the local copy will be opened instead of the remote one. This enables
users to modify markdown source and update the remote post.

The remote post list doesn't support paging.

This solves the problem: I just delete my local copy before downloading the remote copy if the local copy is older than the remote copy.

Posted via UltraBlog.vim.