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My Error While Using UltraBlog

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I’m not sure if I’ve installed UltraBlog.vim correctly a month ago, but it surely improves my blogging efficiency a lot. With Vim’s keystroke, I can move the cursor quickly. Such power of “what you think is what you get” is impossible to find in other editors, either the online ones or the offline ones.

I write this post because I would like to make a record only. I can still find ways to work well with UltraBlog.

What are the errors? The following screenshots illustrate them.

I opened a local list and forgot to close it before opening another list. Then, from one of the lists, I opened a new buffer to edit a post. After I finished editing the post, I issued ZQ in order to close the buffer. However, the buffer didn’t close. Instead, I got another list. It seems that the plugin doesn’t want users to use an “outdated” list to link up with a post. As I tried to close the new list with ZQ or :q, I just couldn’t do it. But there’s so many windows. OK! Then I just use <C-w>j and ZQ to close the old lists. When I used UltraBlog for the first time, the plugin surprised me by giving me an extra, identical and updated list of contents. Since the first time, the plugin still do the same thing, of course, but I can “keep calm and continue blogging”.

I’ve run into this situation for the first time today.


I tried to quit the new list with :q.


Vim told me to use :q! instead.


UltraBlog threw a host of errors that I wouldn’t be interested to find out more.

I wouldn’t have time to figure out what it really is. As far as I know, if I remember to close all post lists while writing or editing a post, things will be fine. Anyways, just make things work, and blogging with Vim and UltraBlog.vim is awesome!

(Last edited on FEB 05, 2014)

Note: Actually, :on can clear the unwanted and unaccessible old lists. This can be checked using :ls, which is the same as :buffers.

(Last edited on JUN 23, 2014)

Now, I’ve switched to Octopress, just like the creator of UltraBlog.vim since it’s better than WordPress.

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