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Complicated Pandoc Commands

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I don’t need to memorize these commands. Instead, what I need is to create a page here so that I can make quickly get the right command for my work. This saves the time for checking and testing the right command.

Pandoc markdown

Official demo:


A shell command for APA style reference list:

$ pandoc -t beamer -s -S --biblio mybib.bib\
> --csl /path/to/apa.csl % -V theme:Berlin -o %<.pdf

Customized PDF

(Added on AUG 03RD, 2014)

The command below is just an example of narrowing the margin, and choosing a larger font.

$ pandoc % -V geometry:margin=1in -V fontsize:12pt\
> -V linestretch:1.655 -o %<.pdf 

For more variables, refer to the User Guide:

For many ordinary computer users who are used to write documents using WYSIWYG editors, the above command is quite scary, so I’ve written a custom template to save the trouble. See My Pandoc Template (1) for details.