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Jump to $\rm \LaTeX$ Syntax Error

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This post is written in response to a question of one of my video.

Vim-$\rm \LaTeX$ enables users to jump to a syntax error quickly. To show you how, I use a GIF “animation”, instead of a video, so that the file size is much smaller.



Error message: The equation* environment is “undefined”.
Cause of error: I forget to include the amsmath package in the preamble.

  • Figure 1: Compilation error occurs, so a quickfix window pops up.
  • Figure 2: I typed j to move the cursor down in the quickfix window by one line, and the window below showing the log file automatically scrolled down.
  • Figure 3: I typed k to go up one line, so the situation goes back to Figure 1.
  • Figure 4: I typed <Enter> to jump to the “error location”. (line 6)
  • Figure 5: I typed <C-w>j to go back to the quickfix window, and the situation goes back to Figure 1 again.
  • Figure 6: I typed j again, and the situation goes back to Figure 2.
  • Figure 7: I typed <Enter> again to jump to another “error location”.

P.S. As I’ve said in my “About” page, I mainly write in Markdown now, unless a teacher want me to submit homework with specific formatting requirements like 1-inch margin, 1.5 line spacing, etc. As you can see from the footer of this blog, this post is also written in Markdown.