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Advantages of Blogs Over Paper Notebooks

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  1. Blogs
    • Accessible anywhere anytime, as long as an Internet connection is available.
    • Multiple concurrent users: it can be viewed by multiple readers at the same time.
    • Perfectly reproduced: contents of the blog can be copied into the computer.
    • Searching: readers can find information useful for them quickly.
    • Characters can usually be neatly displayed, despite the author’s poor handwriting.
  2. Paper notebooks
    • Subject to aging: oxidized pages will become yellow; ink will fade out.
    • Easily damaged: pages are easily torn if the owner doesn’t take care of the notebook.
    • Difficult for sharing: unless you take a photo of it and share it on the Internet, others can’t view the notebook while you’re using it.
    • Inconvenient and inefficient to locate information: readers need to turn over the pages and skim through them to find the useful parts.

Privacy of the shared contents

Once something is uploaded to the Internet, it is likely that the uploaded contents can never be deleted because

  • it’s not always possible to delete the uploaded resources in the server; and
  • there’s no absoulutely legitamate way to delete the backups of the uploaded resources at other locations where you have no access rights, for example, others’ computers.

In short, there’s no absoulute privacy for contents uploaded to the Internet. They’re expected to (be exposed to the) public.1

Usages of blogs

They can be used to write something that

  • you want to share; and
  • you don’t mind to share—it won’t be part of your private information.

Knowledge and universal facts are typical examples of impersonal information.