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Notifying Search Engines of New Sitemaps

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After viewing Sam Kuo’s article on, I changed my Rakefile according to the instructions there. However, I was unsure where the source code should be added. Thus, I read Larry Nung’s working example, and knew that it should immediately follow line 29 of the file. However, I updated Octopress’s source code recently.1 Therefore, the file looked different from Nung’s one—in my own version of the file, I saw the following lines of code which caused me to think twice before really modifying the file. (Click “Commit history” to see the highlighted section of code.)

Part of my `Rakefile` at commit 27d0510Commit history
if (/cygwin|mswin|mingw|bccwin|wince|emx/ =~ RUBY_PLATFORM) != nil
  puts '## Set the codepage to 65001 for Windows machines'
  `chcp 65001`

Finally, I decided to add the code for ping services behind the above section of code.

  1. Commit 27d0510