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Upgrade PulseAudio in Ubuntu 12.04

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Reason for the upgrade

This Sunday, I opened VLC to watch video, and ran into a “potential PulseAudio version problem”.

VLC error dialog showing a PulseAudio version problem

My clumsy way to fix the issue

Among the sites found with Google, I can only understand the instructions from a question on Ask Ubuntu.

I typed in the command word-by-word like this.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu:audio-dev/ppa

Then I got an error. I read Ubuntu Audio Development Team’s PPA on Launchpad to remind myself the command for adding PPAs. I saw that I didn’t include /ppa at the end, so I added it back and ran the command again. However, it failed again.

Finally, I discovered that I had made a silly mistake in the command in the command: the : between ubuntu and audio should be -.