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九成人感眼睛疲倦 藍光加快退化

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[眼科視光師]黃偉雄指,市民應避免長時間使用電子產品,勿在黑暗中使用電話和電腦,同時應與螢幕保持視距,實行「20-20-20」口訣 (用眼20分鐘,便休息20秒,眺望20呎遠方) 。


(Last changed on AUG 30, 2014)

Unfortunately, I haven’t find out how to include Octopress’s linklog feature into my Octopress blog. Therefore, I’ve to use blockquotes again, so as to include to link to a news report about the negative impacts on one’s eyes after using looking at the monitor for a long time.

I can now include a linklog in Octopress. See my newer post for details.