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A Change of Encrypted MathJax CDN Access

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I’ve explained the reasons for accessing MathJax via HTTPS in one of my posts.1 About two hours ago, while writing and previewing a post about bitmapped Computer Modern fonts2, MathJax failed to load. I found out what’s wrong in a minute—at line 21 of in source/_includes/custom/head.html at my latest commit (i.e. commit 96938d3)3, there’s a , between two referenced scripts: the official MathJax script via HTTPS, and my local settings and macros in source/javascripts/MathJaxLocal.js. Googling “mathjax cdn https”, I discovered that in the official documentation of MathJax, the address for accessing the MathJax CDN had already been simplified.4 In my opinion, the new URL is better because it’s more easy to remember.

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