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Testing Octopress and Ruby 2.0 on Windows 7 (1)

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This Sunday, I tried to do something similar to what I did in May—install Octopresss on Windows 7.1 Different from last time, I used Ruby 2.0.0, the newest version of RubyInstaller for Windows that I could find.2

I could use Octopress with Ruby 1.9.3, so I expected that I could easily deploy things with Ruby 2.0.0. However, I was mistaken.


Screenshot of problem


I used the relevant part of the error message to search for websites describing similar/related problems. Luckily, I found one in Eaten by Grues.3

I manually created a batch file in the same folder of python.exe.4

python %*

The raison d’être of the trailing %* is explained in one of my old posts.

Finally, the section which: no python2 in (...) disappeard after I locally generated the site again.

solved problem

(Last edited on NOV 24, 2014)

  1. See Using Octopress on Another Device in Blog 1 for details. 

  2. “Downloads” in the official website of RubyInstaller for Windows. (URL

  3. See Installing PortableJekyll in Eaten by Grues for details. (When I wrote this post in September, the URL was but the link is now dead.) 

  4. I suppose that Python is in the PATH variable.