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Git Commits With fugitive.vim on Windows

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In *nix, one can use :Gcommit to commit the staged changes, provided that fugitive.vim has been installed.


How can one use the Vim plugin within Vim on M$ Win*?


Inspired by a Stack Overflow question, I set my core.editor to gvim -f through git config.

Then I tried running git commit in Git Bash icon, but it’s “aborting commit due to empty commit message”.

Why is the -f flag there? It’s because the --nofork option causes gVim to be in the foreground in *nix. I’ve learnt this from GitHub. The -w flag in the commands for setting other editors as the default editor for Git is the key for the above quoted message.

I tried to solve this problem by reading Vim’s offical manual about nofork, and it’s clearly stated that this option wasn’t supported in M$ Win* unless I’m “running it with an installed … gvim.bat”.

To conclude, if I’m working on M$ Win*, I’ll just forget about :Gcommit in Vim, and use Git Bash icon.