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Creating $\rm \LaTeX$ Résumés on Ubuntu

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I created a résumé using Mik$\rm \TeX$. Simply copy any sample document of the “res” class and compile it. Things will run smoothly in Mik$\rm \TeX$.




I glanced through the section “Installing packages manually” in Ubuntu’s Community Help Wiki, and issued the following commands, after having res.cls downloaded from CTAN.

$ mkdir -p ~/texmf/res
$ mv res.cls ~/texmf/res/
$ texhash ~/texmf
texhash: Updating /home/owner/texmf/ls-R... 
texhash: Done.

Another problem experienced

I used Git to manage res2.tex on both *nix and M$ Win*. Sometimes, I used public computers which didn’t have Git and Vim. As a result, I edit the $\rm \LaTeX$ résumé with M$ Notepad. I know that the *nix newline character won’t break a line in M$ Notepad. However, I didn’t expect that the ‘^M’ character would give an extra horizontal space in the resulting PDF document compiled by $\rm \LaTeX$.