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Edit Gist Descriptions With Gist.vim

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I use Gist.vim to post code to Gist directly in a Vim buffer for efficiency.1


In the manual of Gist.vim, it’s said that after opening the Gist buffer in Vim, one can add/change the description of a Gist with :Gist -e -s something. To add a description for a Gist, I typed :Gist -s foo bar ... in a buffer for the particular Gist — I tried to use it like :!echo foo bar — and what I got in the list of my Gists was just the last word.

Lessons learnt

After one encounters such a problem, he/she will be likely to solve the problem within seconds: use a double quote to surround the whole description.

When I was in doubt of the words in the manual, I used simple examples for testing, so I could quickly see the output and get the concepts written in the documentation.

  1. See Posting Code to Gist Efficiently in Blog 1 for the reasons of installing Gist.vim