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GitHub Page Build Failure

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I received two emails from GitHub today at 01:15. The emails says that a recent GitHub Page build failed.

fail build 1

fail build 2


In my YouTube videos about the use of Vim for efficient $\rm \LaTeX$ editing and APA citing, I shared the sample source files and the output PDFs using Ubuntu One, which is now dead.1

To fix this problem, I moved these files from ~/Ubuntu One/path/to/files to ~/octopress as well as ~/octopress/_deploy. Then I pushed my commits to GitHub, and received notifications of an unexpected error. Since I’ve other things to do, I won’t try to learn something from this problem.


I just locally generated this site with Rake and deployed it to GitHub. Finally, the URLs for the sample files have been corrected.

Lessons learnt

One may open a text file on the Internet with the following editor command in Vim.


  1. Shutting down Ubuntu One file services by Jane Silber on Canonical Blog