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Git for Windows, Curl, Gist.vim With Vundle (3)

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A VIMRC is important for efficient text editing. It can be over one hundred lines. It’s good to have the changes tracked. One entire folder .git for one single text file will be too much. Since my VIMRCs don’t have anything secret, I upload them to Gist like many other users, and read others’ configuration files so as to learn from them.

Nonetheless, my workflow of uploading Gists on M$ Win* was not quite efficient. Therefore, I re-read the installation instructions for Gist.vim. Since curl.cmd has already been set up during the installation of Vundle.vim, I used Vundle to install Gist.vim.

Due to the problem mentioned in the previos post in this series, I opened GVim from Command Prompt instead of Git Bash.


I have already configure github.user to my GitHub user name, but Gist.vim still complained that no GitHub user name was found.

You have not configured a Github account. Read ":help gist-vim-setup".


I tried looking into the source code of the Vim plugin. I learnt from Learn Vim Script the Hard Way the difference between echo and echom: the former isn’t persistent; the later can be retrieved by message. It took me a few minutes to find out that Command Prompt, the program set by shell option, didn’t take my global configurations into account. I viewed the list of my configurations using the following command.

:!git config --list

I didn’t see github.user in the list. I tried adding --global, and I got an error.

C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c (git config --global --list)
fatal: unable to read config file 'C:\Temp\PortableApps\gVimPortable\Data\settin
gs/.gitconfig': No such file or directory
shell returned 128
Hit any key to close this window...

I failed to comprehend the second line of the above output. I just realised that this had something to do with GVim Portable. If I use GVim instead, I won’t have such trouble since .gitconfig is located at the home folder.


I searched for a tutorial of using this plugin. Finally, from a Japanese website which I forgot its URL, I found out that one can manually set the variable github_user in VIMRC.

After that, I restarted the editor and invoked the plugin, which then asked for my GitHub password and created a token in /path/to/gVimPortable/Data/settings/.gist-vim.