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Multiple H1 Tags

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The SEO Analysis of Bing Webmaster complained that each page of my blog had more than one <h1> tag.

I viewed the HTML code for the homepage of this blog to verify the warning message of this SEO tool. Then I found over three instances of the <h1> tag, at the top, in the sidebar, etc. To facilitate this process, I used git grep "<h1>".


I searched for “h1” in the issues and the pull requests of Octopress on GitHub, and I got no results. I wondered why nobody reported this. As a result, I went to Google to search “octopress more than one h1 tag”. Finally, reading this article, I gave up the idea of changing the <h1> tags in the sidebar into <h2>.


Like Google Webmaster, I can’t simply reset the URL of the site. To insert an ‘s’ into the protocol “http”, one needs to deleted the site and add it again. Fortunately, the verification of site ownership doesn’t need to be done again.