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A Comment for New Users on Math.SE

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Mathematics learners ask questions on Mathematics Stack Exchange to get an answer from others without geographical or time restrictions, unlike teachers in schools. Users answer questions to gain virtual points called reputation.


Among them, many are new users who don’t use MathJax while typing their questions. As a result, the output is difficult to read. This discourages users from answering those questions, so we would have less answers to read. Since we can sometimes benefit from alternative solutions, it’s better to post a question that is clear enough to attract others to offer an answer. We can downvote those poorly rendered questions, but I think it’s a bit cruel to do so on the very first post from new users. Therefore, I choose to leave a comment which suggests them to use $\rm \LaTeX$. They often say they don’t know how to use it. To avoid responses like that, I include a link to the MathJax guide on Meta Math.SE.

Please use $\rm \LaTeX$.

However, it’s tedious to type the markdown source code every time I want to leave this comment.


I’ll include the code below, so that it can be simply copied and pasted next time.

Comments for those who *don't* use $\rm \LaTeX$
Please use [$\rm \LaTeX$](