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$\rm \LaTeX$ Template for Chinese Essays

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With this template, I believe that creating a Chinese article using $\rm \LaTeX$ should be a lot quicker and easier.

I’ve tried including a Gist in one of my posts. However, each line separates too much from another. Therefore, including a Gist in my post doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

I think that the default layout of the code list in Octopress is much prettier than Gist. I included the source code of my $\rm \LaTeX$ essay in my previous post on $\rm \LaTeX$. Unluckily, some of the functions in Octopress’s code block don’t work. As a result, I have to put the whole source file in that post.

In this post, I’ll just post the link to my $\rm \LaTeX$ Chinese template Gist, and the PDF file.

(Added on AUG 03, 2014)

Since I’ve copied the code for fixing the problem of embedded Gists in Octopress1, I will include the Gist in this post now.

  1. Commit e5668de of this repo.