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Yesterday, the category list of this blog was still like the one in Vigo’s Development Tips.1 However, I think that Watson’s Category List Plugin is more user-friendly because users can view the categories by scrolling, instead of clicking and waiting for another page to load.

I tried copying everything, and put them in the right places, but initially I failed. I quickly realized that I wrongly named the plugin file as category_list.rb, and rake preview still didn’t produce the desired list. Then I moved the HTML file that calls the plugin, namely the category_list.html, from /source/_includes/asides to /source/_includes/custom/asides, and changed _config.yml a little bit.2

Finally, I copied the contents from my working example (i.e. /source/_includes/custom/asides/about.html) first. As expected, I could see that the “About Me (Brief)” section was duplicated. I changed the code bit by bit, and I managed to include a list of categories.

  1. source/blog/categories/index.markdown at commit 94c7d97 

  2. _config.yml at commit 7dcf6b7