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5 ImageMagick Command Line Examples–part 1

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In the second example, the command only produces one image. In the past, without knowing the use of +[x-pos]+[y-pos], I got more than one image, and needed to delete them except the desired one.1

When I wrote a post about screendump, I took a screenshot of TTY1 so as to prove that the text that followed the screenshot was really contents in TTY1.2 The width and height of the screenshot was 1280 px and 1024 px respectively. I then used my old way to crop it to an image with width 520 px and height 230 px, and got similar error message described in ImageMagick’s examples.3.

  1. In “ImageMagick commands learnt” in Basic Use of Aptitude, I got four images because I didn’t append +0+0 after 640x512

  2. There’s an image cropped with ImageMagick in “Usage” in Record Linux Terminal.

    $ convert src.png -crop 512x225+0+0 tty1.png

  3. In “The Missed Image (from a bad crop)” in Examples of ImageMagick Usage (version 6)