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Go Green, Save Green With Linux

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I read this article one year ago. Though it’s written six years ago, I still think that the part about M$ Win* is true.

Avoid e-waste by avoiding Windows Vista—a 2007 study by Softchoice Corporation and amplified by Greenpeace stated that "50% of all PCs are below Windows Vista's basic system requirements" and "94% are not ready for Windows Vista Premium edition". A similar study by the British government found that Linux users need to upgrade their hardware only half as often as Windows users.

I hope that there’ll be more GNU/Linux laptops available for sale, so that I don’t have to face strange problems on M$ Win*.1

  1. For example, I can’t set up Octopress on M$ Win* easily, and got some errors described in Testing Octopress and Ruby 2.0 on Windows 7 (1) and (2)