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About Me


  1. A GNU/Linux user.
  2. Have used LibreOffice for homework.
  3. Some differences in the appearance of documents across M$ and *nix.
  4. Use $\rm \LaTeX$ & HTML for consistency.1
  5. Use Vim for efficient editing of source code.
  6. Acquired knowledge in these areas.
  7. Forgotten some of them since I’m not a student in IT.
  8. Realised the need for writing down the code.
  9. Hand-written notes are not neat and can’t be easily found and searched after years.
  10. Make notes for future reference here.

I have no money to hire any IT support person, so I have to support myself.

Useful sites:

My custom settings

My Math Notes

As the server on which I put my notes is going to close down, I put it here.

My Old Blogs

Before blogging using Octopress, I tried WordPress and Blogger.

  1. My old Blogger blog
  2. My old WordPress blog

Since I love Vim and Markdown very much, I tried using UltraBlog.vim to post essays on WordPress. However, when it came to posting code lists, especially the HTML ones, I experienced lots of problems. Moreover, it’s inconvenient to create posts containing embedded documents and custom scripts.

GitHub pages provide a greater degree of freedom, but require knowledge in Git. This is not so hard. With Git skills, you can post HTML files. For general users who want to write words, but not CSS, a blogging template for GitHub pages is needed. Finally, I use Octopress.

My Videos

I have made only two, and they’re on YouTube.

  1. Efficient LaTeX Editing with Vim
  2. Easy Citing in APA Style with Vim-LaTeX

My Project Pages

Using Octopress to create both a blog and a GitHub project page under the same host ( is too difficult since they share the same source folder.

Not being an IT student, I will get pretty project page template set up with several clicks on GitHub’s online platform.2 For details, you may refer to Instantly Beautiful Project Pages written by Boxer.

  1. Hello-World: A testing repository.
  2. pandoc_slides: A repository for some of my slides.
  3. i_dont_use_word: Another repository for hosting a slide created easily without M$ Office.
  4. blog2: A testing repository which contains program code in the master branch and a GitHub project page built with Jekyll Bootstrap in the gh-pages branch.

  1. Finally, I’ve found out that writing in Markdown is much easier

  2. I reused the words from my WordPress blog