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Edit $\rm \LaTeX$ Equations in Vim

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With Vim-$\rm \LaTeX$, it’s possible to edit $\rm \LaTeX$ equations with Vim quickly without making syntax errors. (e.g. undefined control sequence caused by mismatched braces ‘{}’)

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Why use Vim? Please refer to my post on Vim.

For a quick startup guide, see the official tutorial. If you’ve learnt those keyboard mappings, here’s a quick review of some commands. For detailed list of all keyboard shortcuts and customizations (e.g. custom compile rule: use pdflatex instead of latex and dvipdfm), you can refer to the user manual.

There’re many blog entries about how to install $\rm \LaTeX$ on Vim on *nix and M$ Win*. Searching “vim latex” gives you millions of search results. Summarizing the articles, the three major components are:

  1. Editor
    • Vim (found on almost every distribution of *nix)
    • GVim (on GUI of any platform)
  2. $\rm \LaTeX$
  3. Vim plugin for writing $\rm \LaTeX$: Latex-Suite

For *nix, you may find some GUI tools for installing packages. (especially in some popular distributions)



You can also type the install commands for these packages on the terminal.

For Ubuntu:

# Also include `vim-gnome' if you'd like to install GVim.
$ sudo apt get install vim-gnome vim-latexsuite texlive

For Fedora:

# Also include `vim-X11' if you'd like to install GVim.
[root@localhost]# yum install vim-latex latex

Unlike M$ Win*, the dependencies will be automatically resolved.

For M$ Win*, the installation procedures for GVim (portable), Vim-$\rm \LaTeX$ and Mik$\rm \TeX$ (portable) are as followed:

  1. Go to the official websites of GVim and Mik$\rm \TeX$ (or equivalent packages) and download the packages; or

    Put Mik$\rm \TeX$ portable and GVim portable to any folder you like.

    • e.g. C:\Temp
    • Don’t put them under C:\Program Files.
  2. Download Vim-$\rm \LaTeX$ from SourceForge.
  3. Follow the steps in Download on $\rm \LaTeX$.

Remarks: The installation of Vim-$\rm \LaTeX$ (items 3 and 4) is the same for portable and non-portable versions of GVim.