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My Problems in M$ and Ubuntu

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I seldom encounter problems in both operating systems. However, there’re exceptional situations.

M$ Win* 7

I once booted into its “safe mode”, and experienced some problems during an image upload. I don’t wish to learn more about the problem.

MS problem

Ubuntu 14.04

Last night, I saw a small dialog box after the login.

Ubuntu problem

I checked the details—it was the problem of Ubuntu’s greeter, but I’m going to do nothing to resolve it.

I think that this is due to my method of getting the newer version of Ubuntu—upgrading instead of clearing and installing.1

Since I lack time to study the official manual and related posts about clearing Linux partitions and installing Ubuntu 14.04, I just keep using the Ubuntu that I have.


I’m not going to argue whether GNU/Linux is better than M$ Win*. There’s already lots of posts on that issue.

I just want to say that problems can exist in any OS. If you don’t intentionally break things and your machine still goes wrong, then “keep calm and carry on”. However, if it’s free software and you have the patience and ability to browse its source code, you may see what’s wrong.

It’s great to learn what’s really going on in an OS, and I personally think that the GNU/Linux commands are better tools for that, when compared to their GUI counterparts.

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