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Clang Complete on Ubuntu 14.04

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Last night, when I tried to write a new file hello.cpp, I got the following problem.

"hello.cpp" 8L, 105C
Loading libclang failed, completion won't be available. Are you sure '/usr/lib/'
 contains libclang?
/usr/lib// cannot open shared object file: No such file or direc
tory. To provide a path to libclang use Config.set_library_path() or Config.set_

Press ENTER or type command to continue


I googled “loading libclang failed”, and skimmed two results. The first one was an clang complete issue on GitHub.1 However, at first glance, the problem was on Ubuntu 13.10, not 14.04, and the error messages didn’t resemble the above message. The second one was a Stack Overflow question.2 From the first answer, I knew that I need to check if libclang1 package was installed. dkpg -l | grep clang told me that I’d got clang. I read the second answer, and viewed the list of files in /usr/lib/. There’s no folders whose name started with x86, and no file called in each sub-folder. Looking at the issue again on GitHub, I found out how to make use of the information from both sites.

[root@localhost /usr/lib/]# ln -s /usr/lib/llvm-3.4/lib/ .

To avoid problems, I didn’t set Vim global variable clang_library_path.

I didn’t know whether .1 should be appended to the end of Finally, I didn’t do so, and the plugin just worked.

  1. See clang complete issue #370 for details. 

  2. See Stack Overflow question 22733943 for details.